Repair of Pressure Vessels
Failure of Pressure Vessel in service by way of leakage, corrosion or otherwise does not qualify for the vessel to be rejected. These can be attended to after a thorough investigation.
The Stages are
  Identification of the defect.
  Investigation into the cause for the same.
  Establishing the repair procedure and its approval.
  Execution of the job.

Our skills in investigations of failures and execution of repairs are reknown in the industry. We offer services for repair of Pressure Vessels such as Chlorine tank, Ammonia Tank, Chemical Reactor, Heat Exchanges.

Specific jobs are
  Retubing of Heat Exchanger by replacement of tubes.
  Replacement of corroded Nozzles of Chlorine tank, Ammonia Tank.
  In-SituIntel weld of Pressure Vessel affected due to errosion or pittings.
  Repair of weld defect identified during the test in site.