LPG Bobtail & Road Tankers
. Gas Projects India P. Ltd. is a pioneer in manufacturing LPG Road Tankers and LPG Bobtail Road Tankers.

Normal Road Tankers T / T's are operated for depot transfer. It's a single consignment. LPG Bobtail Road Tanker is designed to operate and deliver multiple parcels. The LPG Bobtail is operated in a local area market.

The LPG Bobtail has enhanced safety features , liquid transfer and custody transfer equipments.

Gas Projects, supports the product across the country with service support available in fifteen cities.
  Multiple stations can be serviced in one trip
  Vessel designed to IS 2825 code and is PESO approved
  Tank assembled on any heavy duty chassis
  100% Radiography of welding on the tank
  Side / Rear delivery options available
  Internal Emergency Shut Off System provided
  Pump : - Corken, USA
  Complete training to operating staff
  Metering System: - Mass Flow Meter or Positive Displacement Meter
LPG Propane LPG Bobtail
8 MT 7.5 MT 7.5 MT
12 MT 11.5 MT 11.5 MT
18 MT 17 MT  
20 MT 19 MT