Compressor Skid
. M/s. Gas Projects (I) Pvt. Ltd.’s Compressor Skid are factory assembled Compressor and Motors constructed as a Compressor Skid for compressing solution.The Skid is designed and manufactured to ease of installation and operation.

Compressor Skid is designed to standard unloading requirements and customer built requirements which suits industrial requirements.

Compressor Skids can be used for transfer operations and gas evacuation operations.
  Ease of installation
  Dynamically balance and tested
  Standardised Hardware
  Minimal Maintenance
Key features of compressor
  Designed for continuous duty
  Deep finned cast iron cylinders
  Aluminium cooler tubes and aerodynamically designed fan for efficient cooling
  Knockout drum conforming to ASME design
  Sturdy, robust case iron crankcase
  Forged steel crankshaft
  Optimal operating speed
  Pressure relief valve for extra safety
  Low expansion aluminium alloy piston
Service Compressor
Motor Capacity
In Hp
Flow Rate
Displacement At
600 Rpm (CEM)
Shipping Weight
In Kg.
LPG / Propane 91 5 7 4 315
LPG / Propane 291 7.5 14 8 460
LPG / Propane 491 15 30 17.2 760
LPG / Propane 691 25 50 29.2 1625