Auto LPG Dispensing Station
. Auto LPG is an alternate fuel to Gasoline which reduces the pollution and emission of Hydro carbons and Nitrogen oxide pollutants in the atmosphere.

The World LPG Forum has been aggressively pursuing with Head of States, Oil Marketing Companies, Vehicle Manufacturers to adapt to this wonderful alternate fuel. LPG will be the fuel in every country in the next two decades.

Gas Projects, is a pioneer on Auto LPG Dispensing Station in India and has contributed with The Statutory Authority, Oil Marketing Company, Customers and users in establishing Auto LPG in India.
How safe is Auto LPG?
This is the most pertinent question which comes to the mind of the user.

LPG is a very safe fuel till such time the users behave with it. World wide millions of housewife's use LPG for cooking food. The Hot plate is placed above the bottled LPG gas cylinders. If it weren't safe the head of the family would not allow LPG in his house.

These arguments are generic but scientific and engineering work across the world has proven its reliability, safety and endurance.

The Auto LPG Dispensing Station is constructed to strict norms which have been formulated by experts in the field of LPG with refinery experience, transport experience, retail experience and safety experience.

• Ensuring integrity for the cylinder under impact
• Integrity of the cylinder incase of fire
• Integrity of the cylinder by dropping it from the height

Yes, indeed if the tests have a positive result the batches are accepted. Internationally, approx. 5 to 6% automobiles operate on alternate fuels.

Major Equipments on ALDS
  Underground LPG Tank 7.5 / 10 kl.
  LPG Dispenser 2 / 4 Nozzles.
  Dispensing Pump Submersible / Aboveground
  Fill Point Smart Hoses
  Filter 5 microns
  Transfer Pump 200 LPM
  LPG Control Panel  
  Servo Stabilizer 15 KVA
  Air Compressor  
Countries which are presently using LPG as an alternate fuel since last 30 years are :
  New Zealand

Countries using Auto LPG for last two decades are :
  Germany   Bulgaria
  France   India
  United Kingdom   Philippines
  Poland   Hong Kong
  Turkey   China
Configuration of Skid Mounted Auto LPG Dispensing Station
The skid mounted Auto LPG Dispensing Station can service a population of 1000 automobiles. Every automobile takes a refill of approx. 30 L per refill and the refill period is once a week. Total refill quantity in 1000 automobiles per month is equal to 1000 x 30 x 4 = 120,000 L. This amounts to 4000 L / day.

The capacity of dispensing also depends on the peak traffic hours which are normally during the morning office going time or evening office returning time. Sale from ALDS of 4000 L per day is good.

The station can dispense to as high as high 8000 L / day with the same infrastructure but spreading the refilling time to non peak hours.