Working with Gas Projects
Gas Projects established 27 years ago and an ISO 9001:2008 company.

specializes Compressed Gases and Fuels Storage and distribution system.

The Company is a hard Core heavy Engineering Company and offers turnkey solutions for the above system.

The Company is headed by Professional Engineers of 30 years standing in the Industry as Directors.
The Company’s Employs, Engineers and Technical Staff in the following position:
. Design Engineer : Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
. Project Engineer : Chemical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering.
. Production Engineer : Mechanical Engineering.
. Fabrication Engineer : Mechanical Engineering.
. Electrical Engineer : Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
. Instrumentation Engineer : Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering
. Civil Engineer : Civil Engineering
. AutoCAD Draughtsman : Autocad
The above position require qualified Engineers as Degree or Diploma holder with an adequate experience.
The Company also employs Technician qualified in the following fields:
. Welder
. Fitter
. Electrician
. Instrumentation Technician
. Riggers
. Machinist
The above positions require qualified technician either trained in ITI or work experience.
The Company is well managed by the following position:
. Materials
. Accounts and Finance
. Admin and HRD.
Candidates qualified in the field and experienced in Project Engineering are welcome.

Gas Projects considers every member of the team as an asset to the Company though it is not reflected in the Balance Sheet.

The Company operates professionally in an organized operation. Every individual has space to operate and be creative. Training and being trained is a way of our life.

The Company follows and believes in a practice that every stakeholder in the Company grows qualitatively and quantitively.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The HRD ensures every members is comfortable and ensures a good working atmospheres. The Company has a quarterly magazine. It is well accepted within and outside the Company.

If you are motivated and have a cause, you are welcome at 9.00 am or Company can do much more without you.